iAdvance Now Review: Three Things You Should Know About This Finance Company

iAdvance Now is an alternative finance company based in New York that helps small businesses access the capital they need through merchant cash advances, or the sale of a small percentage of future revenues in exchange for an immediate lump sum of money. This is a great way to get the capital every business needs to grow and thrive.


Many firms are in this space, and some of them unfortunately try to rip off consumers. iAdvance Now stands out for providing exceptional service and an open, transparent application process designed to put the client, and not the company’s bottom line, first.


Three Things You Should Know About iAdvance Now


  1. Helps Businesses Get the Funding They Need


Traditional banks make small businesses jump through a ton of hoops to get funding. They dig up any financial mistakes in the owner’s credit history, even if they occurred years ago and have no bearing on the current financial health of the company. They also drag their feet when approving loans, often providing funding only when the opportunity has come and gone.


By contrast, iAdvance Now can approve and fund a loan in as little as 48 hours from the initial inquiry. This helps ensure that small companies get the money they need when it can still help. A business owner’s personal credit score is also ignored, with decisions based solely on a company’s ability to repay. This makes it possible for nearly anybody to chase their dreams as an entrepreneur.


Most importantly, iAdvance Now is versatile where traditional banks are rigid. If you get a loan through a traditional lending institution, you are required to pay X amount per month regardless of other considerations. By contrast, payments to iAdvance Now are determined by how your business is doing. If you really can’t afford to pay a lot in a given period, you won’t have to. It’s as simple as that.


  1. Excellent Leadership


iAdvance Now benefits from having the steady hand of CEO Eddie Hamid at the helm. He began professional life as a senior account executive and insurance agent, both fields that demonstrated how difficult it can be for small businesses to access the capital they need for growth. Eager to even the playing field, Hamid launched iAdvance Now to help small businesses compete with their larger counterparts.


Hamid also takes pride in working with client companies to come up with creative solutions to any problems. His motto is “work hard and be consistent,” two principles that resonate across a variety of industries. (Check out this interview for more insight from Eddie).


  1. Positive Customer Reviews


TrustPilot.com is a review aggregate site, allowing satisfied and unsatisfied past clients to leave unbiased reviews on a company page to help consumers make an informed decision about who to patronize in the future. The feedback on iAdvance Now is very positive. Many clients bring up how easy and efficient the application and funding processes are, helping them access the capital they need while it can still make a difference.


The company’s customer service also gets praised, with many representatives being called out by name for helping inexperienced entrepreneurs successfully navigate what is often a complex process. iAdvance Now is also responsive on the platform, thanking reviewers for taking the time to provide feedback while offering to make amends to the rare disgruntled client.


These reviews add up to a stellar A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), proving beyond doubt that iAdvance Now is a name you can trust in a sea filled with sharks.


Learn More About iAdvance Now


If you’re interested in learning more about iAdvance Now and how they may be able to help you, visit them online at iAdvanceNow.com. You can also follow the company on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter for the latest insights into their financing solutions.

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