EmailMarker Simplifies your Mail by Real-Time Verification

EmailMarker is a startup that aims to simplify your everyday mailing task by cleansing all the fraudulent and invalid emails from your inbox. By doing so, this startup helps in increasing the deliverability rate and thereby ensures that you don’t end up missing on any important mails. Additionally, by keeping a check on fraudulent and invalid email ids EmailMarker makes sure that your outgoing mails are mailed only to the intended recipients. Something that assumes immense importance during an email marketing campaign as it results in higher ROI (return on investment).

Real-time API

One of the unique features of EmailMarker is that it can offer real-time API within your application or website. This helps in validating an email address in real time and without having to actually log into your email. EmailMarker’s API can be integrated into software based on PHP, Python, Nodejs and .net.

Why opting for EmailMarker makes lots of sense     

In today’s age of rapid globalization, email is one medium of communication that has become the most popular choice for companies across the board. Today everyday virtually all business organizations (small as well as large) send and receive tones of critical and highly confidential mails. In fact, today most companies (knowingly or unknowingly) have put a huge stake on their emails, since large part of email communication constitute of confidential matters.

In such circumstances, resorting to email experience that is bereft of spams as well as fraudulent mails and also offers delivery rate is immensely important. EmailMarker with its spot on service and features has very successfully addressed this pain point. Not surprisingly, today this service has emerged as one of the trusted solutions for small as well as large companies for e-mail verification and email cleaning purposes.


Prices charged by EmailMarker are pretty competitive when compared with other competitors offering similar service. Consumers can validate up to 150 email addresses absolutely free. Beyond this, the consumers will be obviously charged. For instance, consumers will be charged merely 3$ for validating 1000 email addresses and 21$ to verify 10000 email addresses.

In case, if anyone wants to verify millions of mails at a time then that can be done at marginal cost of $999.


Overall, EmailMarker is a must buy for any company that longs for simplified emailing process or wants to derive maximum return from its email activity. Besides, EmailMarker’s 24/7 customer support service and its money back guarantee scheme makes it a great buy.


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