Top Invoicing Tools For Startups 

That might sound obvious, but moving cash from a client’s bank account to your own is often more complex than many new entrepreneurs realize. Thankfully, there is no shortage of companies making the process of invoicing and receiving payment easier, whether you’re a freelancer, startup founder, or small business owner. So, here are the top 5 invoicing tools for Startups:


Cashboard is an invoice software that shows you your payments due, who you owe when it’s due and helps you sending a gentle reminder to your clients. You can accept online payment from your clients too. It has a nice and simple UI that makes it easy to use. It has other features like Keeping Records, Generating & Sending receipts, and Task Management.

Invoice Ninja

Invoice Ninja is a premium invoicing platform for startups and small business that offers a free version, which will let you create four different invoice templates, add the logo of your company, you will be able to integrate up to 30+ different options of payment gateways, send your invoices using email and even get paid through the invoices which you send directly to the clients. The premium version will remove some limitations, giving you access to more than 10+ custom invoice templates.


Chargify helps you manage your entire customer lifecycle. You can customize your signup process, experience and remove any friction and convert more customers. You can manage your subscribers easily and provide satisfactory services. It offers plenty of APIs and works with so many innovative products.


Wave is another full featured cloud-based accounting solution that offers invoicing, accounting, payroll processing, receipt management, payments and a number of other useful features. It offers quite a number of options for the free user but goes a step further for those willing to pay a small monthly fee. It also allows for integration with other payment processing systems like PayPal, provides digital invoices and generates reports while tracking your finances automatically.


CitrusDB is one of the best and open source customer service and billing tool. It offers a support with large number of services which includes customer service database, service management functionality, a billing system for printing and emailing invoices, credit card batch capabilities, multiple languages options and all types of customization.
citrusdb- Invoicing tools for startups


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