Right option to choose: MNC or Startup?

One of the most confusing situations which are merely faced by the fresh graduates nowadays is whether to go for the large multi-national companies or the start-ups. Both the MNCs and start-ups come with their own aspect of pros and cons. It entirely depends on the future goals and how the person wants to shape up their career. To help this lessen the confusion, there is a compiled list of 6 points that talk merely about the benefits and the limitations of both.


In the case of a start-up the salary will be much lower in the beginning as compared to big MNCs but your ownership, impact, position, and responsibilities in the company will be way larger. Your salary would be dependent on the funding and revenue provided and generated to the start-up. If the start-up is well funded your salary would be merely good and decent. But, in the case of less funded start-ups, you might be paid less but a good amount of inventory options can be provided which will be very effective and efficient for you if the company goes public. MNCs on the other hand, pay really well because of the resources, revenues they generate and profits they have.


Start-ups are small organizations enterprise hence the facilities are less when compared to an MNC. You may not be working in a good surrounding office. Foreign trips? Forget it. Whereas, in an MNC you will get better and a number of facilities like good cafeterias, better office work stations, recreation facilities, outdoor activities and the latest technology. If you wanted to go abroad and work there then an MNC should be the better choice.

In case of a start-up every role comes with huge responsibilities. Here, you have to work for long hours with more stress and more number of responsibilities. But, with greater responsibilities come bigger rewards both in terms of professional and personal levels. Since it is a start-up you will be in a mere position to make big impacts. Your good work can earn profits to the company as well as its customers. You will get appreciation from the mentor or the top management on your great achievements. Your hard work will never go unrecognized in case of start-ups. On the other hand, if you commit a mistake, everyone pays for it. MNCs can provide you with global recognition. The name of a big organization on your resume gives it some sense, doesn’t it? Maybe your work and task won’t be appreciated on a daily basis but if you perform really nice, you will be surely appreciated for it. There are many awards, benefits and perks for the star performers of the company but this might be done on the basis of company clauses and regulations that is either the annually, quarterly or in six months.


It goes without saying that working in a start-up is very much riskier. A start-up may fail and you might lose the job. MNCs are strong enough and have no or very less chances of failing hence your jobs are more secure here.

Work-life balance:

If you want a 9 to 5 job then MNC is a good place for you. You will also have a good amount of time to spend both with your family and friends. But, if you like to take risks, adventurous and challenges then go for a start-up. Here, the work hours is not merely fixed. You might have to stay and work long hours in an office and might have to work even on the weekends. The work pressure in MNCs is merely less as compared to a start-up this is merely because of the amount of workforce.

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