Reportz – Automated Digital Marketing KPIs Reporting

Reportz has been created to help digital marketers of all profiles and affiliations save time on reporting; organize campaign or project web data; create reports that their clients or bosses will easily understand and be able to access at their convenience; as well as notice issues before they arise or discover correlations they wouldn’t be able to notice otherwise.

Developed by Four Dots, a New York digital marketing agency, often managing hundreds of clients at the same time, this dashboard reporting solution was created to help them expediate the reporting process and provide clients with a way to stay constantly involved and informed on the performance of their campaigns.

After the initial client setup, tool helped cut down the time needed to compose an end of the month report from several hours to several minutes. Multiplied by the number of clients, and the number of reports they expect to receive for the duration of collaboration (with some of them requiring weekly, daily, or impromptu campaign assessments), this amounted to huge time savings; especially after you also account for the fact that clients were always able to check up on campaign details on their own, without having to call up and ask for information or clarifications of any kind.


Features allowing this tool to be as efficient at what it does have been suggested by the employees who had been in charge of, up to that point, manual reporting and further refined by the early users of the tool. That’s why, with all the freedom and flexibility it provides, Reportz is still focused on solving a specific problem, and while it is easy to use, it still offers all the options you may need.

The list of features may expand as new user feedback arrives, but even at it’s current state, it offers pretty much everything that a digital marketing agency or a freelancer may need, including but not limited to:

  • Ability to create an unlimited number of customizable widgets on any dashboard
  • Data import from a growing number of integrations, including major web stat sources like Google Analytics, Console and AdWords; Rank Ranger, Ahrefs and others
  • Premade report templates for different types of clients or campaigns, saving you even more time
  • White label capabilities, allowing you to add yours or your client’s branding to the reports you create
  • Real-time data monitoring, allowing for rapid detection of problems, and vigilant campaign management

Tracking and reporting on digital marketing KPIs is an essential, but time-consuming process. With its set of carefully chosen and balanced features, affordable price, free trial offer, and forthcoming staff who would be thrilled to personally guide you in the creation of your first dashboard, Reportz offers a solution to this issue.

If you sign up for a free trial, and are having any kind of trouble regarding the use or the performance of this SEO software for agencies and freelancers, all you have to do is contact them, and you’ll get every assistance you need, often from the developer and CEO of Reportz, Rad Basta himself.


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