Planable: Centralized place for all your Social Media Campaigns

Planable is a platform that aims to become a command center for all your social media campaigns. It boasts many features that helps to simplify your campaigns.

How about a platform that can become a command center for all your social media campaigns? A platform that not only makes your social media campaign hassle-free but also helps you fetch maximum returns. There can be little argument over the fact that such a platform has been long overdue, and thankfully now we do have a startup that tries to sincerely address this pain point. This startup is called ‘planable.’

Planable offers you one centralized place to create social media campaigns, conduct discussions with team members and get needed approval swiftly. As a result, you’re able to save precious time and energy, since you need not go into the hassles of showcasing your work in power point and excel sheet, which is obviously time-consuming and frustrating. Nor do you need to get entangled into the long trails of email threads.

Planable Showcases most perfect preview:

What do we mean by perfect preview? Actually with planable, you can preview Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts exactly as they will appear after it gets published. Planable was forced to include such a feature, since none of the popular social media platforms offer a preview function to campaigners. Owing to the absence of such a feature, campaigners and companies are not able to make necessary edits before publishing the post.

However, with Planable’s perfect preview feature, you won’t be facing all these problems.


Planable pricings are pretty affordable and competitive. Their premium package has been priced at $49 per month, in which subscribers enjoy 5 workplaces and unlimited social profiles. The company also offers enterprise package, which is bit costly but offers more features. However, the company hasn’t disclosed the price of enterprise package.

If you want to check out planable on trial basis, then there is a freemium model that offers 1 workspace, 3 team members and 1 social profile each type.


Planable can certainly prove to be a huge boon for companies that greatly rely on social media campaigns to advertise their products. It has many useful features that can simplify your social media campaigns and also help you maximize your returns.


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