Michael (Mike) Asimos: How I Turned My Wine Passion Into A Career

I’m Michael Asimos, a wine connoisseur extraordinaire. Most people know me for my encyclopedic knowledge of wines. I am based in Portland, OR but I travel countrywide and abroad as part of my wine import and export business. It comes as no surprise that many businesses, including restaurants, take advantage of my’ expertise to discover the best wines for their customers.


Why I Chose Wine?


My philosophy is simple and based on a few principles. I believe that wine is a pleasure drink that conveys a culture of exceptional richness and values. For this reason, my ambition has always been to share my extensive knowledge and help people discover the best foreign and local wines. The road I have traveled since my formative years makes me optimistic and proud that I am living my dream. Every day I look forward to earning a living through something that I love.


I prefer wines that offer the greatest diversity and quality. I am used to selling and recommending wines that I have tasted and love to drink on a regular basis. My expertise has led me to select wines that I am prepared to promote. I have knowledge of local and international wines, including French and Italian wines. This has helped me transition from being an enthusiast to a wholesaler.


Over the years, my customers have benefited greatly from my in-depth knowledge and they trust me to provide the best wines to suit specific tastes. Identity and authenticity are critical in this industry, and I am well placed to make the distinction. When I choose to work with a supplier, I seek above all the coherence between the products on offer and the value expected by my discerning customers.


How I Made Wine My Career


From a young age, I was always attracted to wine. I invested a lot of time and effort to understand and appreciate quality wines. At the time, I was planning to try working as a sommelier or a Master sommelier thanks to increased exposure to the wine production process. With time, I began realizing that I could build a successful career helping people and businesses discover and buy quality wines. Hence, I started the import and export business.


I visit various locations and inspect the vines, the wineries, and the cellars. I taste wine being produced and rely on years of experience to make the right call. I always tell wine enthusiasts that the first step to tasting wine like a professional includes appreciating its color, opacity, and clarity. When it comes to white wine, the acceptable hues have a golden, whitish, or amber color. With Rosé wine, the best varieties have a purplish or red onion color.


As for red wine, shades range from purplish red and purple to pomegranate, ruby, or cherry. A quality wine has a deep, rich color and should have the clarity and brilliance of the best options. Wines of lower quality have neither luster nor shine.


A quality wine must have a pleasant aroma. To determine the quality of the wine, I recommend swirling the glass to allow the wine to release its aroma. If the aroma is powerful but pleasant, the wine is undoubtedly fine.


After looking at the color and smelling the aroma, it is time to experience the most enjoyable part, tasting it. Take a small sip; the wine should be supple, delicate and exude a balance of flavors. If one flavor surpasses the others, the wine is not fine. Above all, wine must be delicate rather than aggressive. These insights and comprehensive knowledge made it easier for me to turn my passion into a successful career.


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