iBeacon technology based Voolsy is creating ‘NO WAITING TO ORDER THE MEAL’ everywhere!    

It’s almost every weekend story when we go out for lunch or dinner & come up seeing long waiting! Facing this with a starving stomach is too much to bear. This was heavily noticed by Smit Nebhwani and Amrish Patel which lead them to create Voolsy – India’s first ibeacon based startup for in-restaurant dineout solution.

Brands always love to deliver the greatest experience to their users, therefore they always use and experiment with technology for the great ‘ultimate user experience’. Voolsy is an application that completely proves this point by delivering smooth and hassle-free dine-out to its users. The two year old startup has created a buzz in restaurant industry with more than 1500+ partnered outlets and 7 working cities including Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Gandhinagar, Rajkot and Vadodara. The complete digital restaurant solution has not left any stone untouched and has covered all the dine-out areas such as restaurants, bars, cafes, lounges, foodcourts, resorts and cinemas too.



“It gives me a great feeling when I see the acceptance of our app across all the Voolsy enabled cities. We have seen tremendous response at App store and Play store where we are listed in top 20 best food apps. It completely proves Voolsy mania in food lovers. That’s why restaurants are now using Voolsy and have a trust on our system and operations.” said CEO Smit Nebhwani.

The digitalisation has now formed various type of orderings such as app orders, online orders, orders through kiosks, Facebook ordering, online coupon based ordering and so on. All these ordering processes have gained positive response from restaurant management also. Voolsy is focusing on in-restaurant eating-out and the simplification of customer’s order process inside restaurantS. Voolsy offers convenient restaurant management with its super simple and hassle-free restaurant system with efficient customer service. Customer can view menu, customize the meal and pay conveniently with payment options like mobile wallets, credit card/debit cards or NetBanking.

“Last year, we are having an issue as small outlets and foodcourts were accepting only cash transaction. Because of demonitisation, even they have taken interest in digital payment method and this leads them to understand the need of Voolsy in their ordering process.” said President, Amrish Patel

Voolsy has its manager version for its partnered outlets which is smartly integrated with the best POS companies worldwide. Voolsy is on its way to partner with 5000+ restaurants while the app is already partnered with brands like Pizza Hut, Subway, The Chocolate Room, Baskin Robbins and many more. Voolsy is soon starting its operations in the cities like Gurgaon, Chennai and Delhi.


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