Cold press juice maker Raw Pressery Secures fresh funding from existing investors

Cold press juice maker Raw Pressery raises fresh funds.

Organic clod press juice maker Raw Pressery has secured funding of Rs 65 crore from its existing investors Sequoia, Saama, DSG Consumer & others. The Mumbai based juice maker is also in talks with institutional investors to raise additional $5 million.

Raw Pressery will be trying to leverage the capital infusion by expanding its footprint in the international market, after gaining respectable traction in the domestic Indian market. Company’s CEO Anuj Rakyan informed Economic Times that it is flirting with the idea of starting trail operation in the Southeast Asian market by initially entering in the lucrative markets of Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. Additionally, the startup is in the middle of planning to set up an operational plant in West Asia in order to expand footprints in lucrative markets like Qatar, Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Started in 2013, the startup seems to have made an impressive progress in the Indian market since its inception. The company claims that its revenue grew at an impressive rate of 120% in the financial year of 2017-18. Buoyed by increasing revenue, it is planning to add new categories within the existing products and also launch new products in the coming months.

Clod press juices aiming to rejuvenate people’s health  

Cold press juices are steadily gaining lot of popularity among urban consumers owing to their high health credentials. This type of juices basically uses hydraulic press to extract juice from vegetables and fruits as opposed to traditional methods. In contrast to traditional methods, the hydraulic press method is considered to be far more reliable when it comes to maintaining juice’s nutritional values. Therefore, several health experts consider this type of juices to be far more healthy & nutritious than more popular ones.


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