Chatbots Builder: Platform For Building Facebook Messenger Chatbots

Chatbots Builder is an online platform for easily building complete, effective and advanced autonomous chatbots for Facebook Messenger.

The main feature of the Chatbots Builder app are:

– Straightforward integration with Facebook Messenger API, with one-click access and authorization process
– Simple wizard for easily creating triggers and replies through a guided path
– Complete templates and ready-made replies for various businesses – restaurants, hotels, real estate agencies, blogs, consultants – for quickly building complex bots with one click
– Interactive “bot map” where users can see the whole layout of replies and links, visualizing all the different branches and paths while being able to create new messages and connections on the fly
– Marketing automations tools for automatically and intelligently engaging prospects, reactivating users and increasing conversion rates
– Easy to deploy lead generation widgets such as forms and reservation requests for restaurants, hotels and other professionals
– Seamless integration with other marketing platforms such as Mailchimp
– Facebook “customer chat plugin” one-click integration
– Users engagement stats and analytics
– Completely white-label and re-brandable platform, ready to be customized and used by partners to resell the service to their target market
The system gives its users a powerful and extremely simple tool that they can use to build a set of cutting-edge social media marketing services and products, empowering them to offer more value to customers, creating larger opportunities for one-time projects and more abundant recurring revenue streams. Over 1.2 billion people use Facebook Messenger constantly and chatbots are becoming every day an essential tools also for smaller and local businesses for engaging prospects, autonomously provide information and seamlessly increase sales. All the features mentioned above are aimed at this main objective: empower customers to earn more from their existing businesses with an immediately positive ROI
The main target market for this tool are small & medium agencies and professionals that already offer social and digital marketing services to their customers. Chatbots Builder allows them to offer additional services and features to their existing clients base, up-selling and cross-selling Facebook Messenger marketing services to increase earnings and build new, recurring revenue streams.
The immediate pain the Chatbots Builder system solves is the lack of effective and valid tools that the primary audience can use for easily creating chatbots for Facebook Messenger. The wider problem that the founders want to tackle is the growing difficulty for small and medium agencies in offering new products/services to their clients, up-selling them and building stronger bonds and loyalty. By giving its target market a white-label, advanced, powerful and modern social media marketing tool, this platform empowers them to offer more value to their customers and therefore increase their overall earnings with an immediately positive ROI.
The creators team is composed of very experienced developers and entrepreneurs, having founded various Internet companies and worked as CTO’s and technical consultants since 1999. While working with agencies and marketers they noticed the profound need of simple solutions that could bridge the gap between the great opportunities social media offers and the complexity of existing platforms – and this is what sparked the creation of the Chatbots Builder platform.

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