Bill Michelon: 3 Ways Artificial Intelligence Is Changing the Marketing Landscape

Bill Michelon is an entrepreneur who has found his success as a digital media buyer. Michelon helps businesses find a foothold in the digital marketplace by helping them with their marketing strategy and online branding. As companies find their online identity and work with Michelon to strengthen it, they enjoy substantial increases in leads and sales. With over 10 years in the industry, Michelon has helped countless companies pinpoint where their marketing weakness is and work towards strengthening it. Through his strong mentoring skills and marketing ingenuity, Michelon has become an industry leader and expert in his field as such he provides marketing tips and tricks. Listed below are three ways he believes artificial intelligence is changing the marketing landscape.

Bill Michelon Artificial Intelligence


1) Creating and Organizing Content


Many may be unaware of just how present AI already is in their daily lives. There are agencies already in existence that use AI in creative capacities, formerly thought to be the stuff of human minds. The potential of AI to generate creative content is steadily increasing in its application and curation of data. As creative content can be deconstructed into basic components such as video, graphics, text, and music, those building blocks can be extended to wider frameworks: email content, ad copy, website design, and image recognition. Recommendation engines and their role in marketing is ever increasing as marketers can curate their content with confidence that the pages are one’s potential customers will want to engage and interact with. It is only a matter of time before machines will be able to decipher aspects of the creative process formerly thought to be such a ‘human’ endeavor.


2) Online Shopping


AI is finding more of a place in the world of online shopping. Its presence is beneficial to both retailers and consumers. Through AI, the digital marketplace has begun perfecting the art of replicating human interactions in online shopping experiences. AI bots are already in place to study, respond to, and anticipate the behaviors and inquiries of customers. Machine-learning programs are learning more and more every day about what consumers want and how they interact with the online world. Keeping abreast of customer habits and purchase histories has given some retail brands a huge lead when it comes to branding and online sales. Huge online sales sites such as Amazon have features like ‘recommended purchases’ that are based on consumers’ browsing and purchase history, and it has proven a big pay-off in sales.


3) Data Analysis


Data analysis is huge in terms of understanding consumer motivations and actions, and it plays a big role in the marketing industry. The accessibility of big data to many companies, however, is often too much to sift through. AI is better equipped to handle such vast amounts of data and decipher key patterns in consumer habits and behaviors. Once these consumer online trends are extracted, companies and businesses can mold their products and services to satisfy the needs of their online shoppers. For sites wanting to increase web traffic, leads, and sales, marketing strategies will have to evolve alongside the ever-growing AI presence in the online experience.


When it comes to AI, this is no longer some far-off futuristic concept depicted in science fiction books and movies. Most likely, you have already made an online purchase or decision based on the subtle guidance of an AI system. The marketing landscape is in a constant state of evolution as it reflects the changing needs and habits of consumers in the digital marketplace, and AI is poised to be a huge component of that evolution.


One thing most entrepreneurs will agree on across a wide range of industries is the necessity of networking and sharing of ideas and strategies. A strength Bill Michelon is known for is mentoring emerging entrepreneurs and helping them find success in their chosen niche. For those interested in learning more marketing and entrepreneurial tips and insights from Bill, his blog is there for the perusing.

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